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RF Filter - low pass filter  

LPF0-03 is a 50 Ohm 3kW low pass filter (-3dB @ 4MHz & -50dB @ 13.5MHz). It is designed to provide effective protection to DC Bias supplies from high power RF fields in Plasma based systems. Features include:

•  Optional RF connectors
•  Minimum -50dB rejection of RF energy
•  Low insertion loss


These low pass filters can be configured to suit your particular application; you can specify the types of connectors, the frequency characteristics, the insertion loss and appearance of the enclosures.

We make 50 Ohm filters for all power levels and characteristics in the DC to 200MHz range, Low & High-Pass, Band-Pass, Tee and Notch. In addition, we have developed filters with independent variable tuning to provide multiple notch characteristics for use on plasma systems where more than one RF generator / frequency is in use.


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