Microwave Accessories Set

Microwave Accessories Set
Gerling Labs dual coupler Model GL210
Gerling Labs dummy load Model GL402A-1
Gerling Lab water cooled 3 port circulator Model GL401-A
Waveline microwave switch Model 11-S-1023
Waveguide right angle bend
Gerling Labs RF Power Meter - 0-3kW forward and reflected power
2-3 pieces of wave guide will be included
All components have a waveguide aperture of approx. = 1.25” x 2.75”

The Unit in the picture is a representation of the unit you will receive.
Accessories for this unit do not form part of the purchase price. Accessories may be available to purchase upon request (this includes power cables).

Condition Refurbished
Warranty- Within CONUS -95 Days Limited Warranty, Internationally- 30 Day Limited Warranty

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